Kuzi Whan's music can be summed up under the term Global Bass. The Berlin based artist merges sounds, patterns and bass lines from all over the planet into pressure bass tunes, intergalactic roller coasters and psychedelic deep space projects. HipHop, Dub, Ragga, Electronica, Noriental, Cumbia, World Music - Kuzi Whan combines this into a heterogeneous Club Sound and spices it up with self mockery in the form of Rap. The name of the show is „Dubiose Aktion“ and it transports nothing less than the deeper truths of life, illustrated by the sound of the world.

What we currently encounter in clubs and at festivals are still drums, singing and dancing around the fire. They are our oldest and most original cultural similarities. You and I, now, here, that's WE - to transport that is the mission.

Original beats, lyrics, video productions, DJ sets and events also generate collaborations, space for other artists and a different focus than the just the own brand. On the one hand DIY, punk and not taking yourself too seriously, on the other hand professional music production with an international network - a paradox? 

The analysis of such a self referential contradiction can lead to a deeper understanding of the referring facts, which at best resolves contradictions. Nothing half, nothing whole and at the same time a perfect affair - DUBIOUS.




                   Last date 2023

22.12.23 – Dubiose Aktion at Cafe Wendel

                   Global Bass/Dub/Future Hop

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